Sunday, May 19

Key Features to Look for in A CCTV Security Camera System

When it comes to home security, CCTV security camera systems are the best option. It’s very easy to decide and install one, but choosing what kind of camera you want can be a little tricky. Modern-day CCTV camera security systems come with various features and functions to choose from as per your needs. This technology is evolving rapidly as the features that were considered as premium some years back are now just standard ones with added features. There are so many reasons for you to buy and use one and so, here are some key features to look into while buying one.

  • The technology on-board: With the growing pace of technology, cables are now outdated. A system that can wirelessly transmit the recorded footage with the utmost quality over a cloud storage system that can be remotely accessed by the owner from anywhere provides an extra layer of security. Some variants of these cameras can also be used in cars which can help a lot.
    1. Quality of the video: High-definition video recordings are now available on almost every smartphone, thus having something less than that in your home security system is not worth it. High-definition cameras provide video footage of 1920-1080p size, which is crystal clear, making them the best option for you and law enforcement to use as security video recorders. 
    2. Wide-angle cameras and Night-vision/low-light cameras: A wide-angle camera captures more space and surroundings compared to a normal camera. It uses lenses that have an angle of view between 64° and 84°, thus capturing a larger portion of surveillance space and omitting the need for installing more than one camera. Additionally, installing a night-vision or a low-light camera is a great choice. These cameras work by recording infrared light rather than normal light, thus giving them the advantage of recording things in dark environments. 
  • Motion sensors and remote access: Motion detecting sensors for cameras are pretty good as they start recording whenever the system detects any motion, thus saving valuable cloud storage, internet use, and power consumption. One of the most crucial parts of your security system is remote access. It should let you view your recorded footage from wherever you are, alerting you about any invasion. 

With the features evolving, it is also getting easier for your systems to get hacked. Use them responsibly to avoid privacy breaches.