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The Perfect Home Design Doesn’t Exist

We support all the love and effort going into home renovations and remodeling because we can’t help but feel ecstatic about homeowners testing their creative side and getting the most out of their property, both in aesthetics and value. Plus, given the gloomy economic outlook and not-so-pleasant circumstances the world is still experiencing today, home design is an excellent escape from stressors to give everyone the peace of mind they deserve now and then.

However, one infamous misconception that’s been making its rounds from one household to the next is the idea of a perfect home design when, in reality, chasing after perfection with one renovation to the next is a fool’s game. You see, all homes will always have inherent flaws, and regardless of the money and effort you invest into resolving one issue, yet another will pop up because your wants and needs from the house will change over time, whether you like it or not.

Your Design Preferences May Swing With Changing Trends

A couple of years back, minimalism and geometric designs were all the rage, and you’d be the odd one out if you weren’t testing with neutral colors, but, recently, more naturalistic aesthetics have been trending alongside more eclectic designs paying homage to classic looks. And whatever you may deem perfect now won’t be the same idea of perfection five years from then because your design preferences may swing with the changing trends. 

  • Money And Time Constraints Exist: Firstly, the biggest challenge you’ll run into if you keep chasing after the newest home design trend is that money and time constraints exist, and the harsh truth will hit you hard. Sure, you might have a bit extra available now, but more and more families are facing financial difficulties, and that will eat into your ability to design what you want from your property. So, don’t expect every design plan to be financially feasible because circumstances will change, and they won’t necessarily allow you to renovate and remodel as you please.
  • Conflicts Of Interest With Other Household Members: Besides money and time constraints, you will most likely face conflicts of interest with other household members who don’t agree with your design choices. For example, your significant other might argue that you should value function over form, pointing out that upgrading your plumbing is a far better investment than fixing up the backyard. And unless you’re living the bachelor lifestyle, compromise is non-negotiable if you don’t want any heated fights sparking from an aesthetic disagreement.

You’ve Grown Out Of Your Home And Need Something More.

Apart from your design preferences moving back and forth with the latest trends, there’s also the natural process of growing out of your home because the next chapter of your life is waiting for you on the other side with new needs. Of course, that’s not to say you won’t be able to bring along your valuables, but major milestones will almost always call for significant changes, most especially with your living situation. 

  • The Demand For Extra Space: While your current home may be more than enough for you alone, welcoming new members to your family, such as expecting a child or having a relative move in with you, will demand extra space. And while you can make it work for the first few months, it will feel a lot more cramped and way less comfortable with so many people running in and out of the household. As a result, you’ll have one of two choices; whether renovating once again to make space or moving to a new house altogether.
  • Grabbing A New Career Opportunity: In addition to the need for extra space, there’s also the possibility of you lucking out and grabbing a new career opportunity in a different branch for your promotion. Sure, the likelihood of you staying in the same department exists, but there’s also the chance of you relocating to a different part of the city or something much grander like moving abroad for new work. And given the increasing need for financial security, giving up your home and moving out will become necessary.
  • A Change Of Environment: Last but not least, some of us just need a change of environment, and although staying and making amends can work, there are instances where going elsewhere is the only way to break out of your shell. Therefore, you can’t really blame the home for not meeting your needs because your mind and soul crave a new start, and depriving yourself of the chance will hurt your more than you’d expect.

The Perfectly Imperfect Home

In conclusion, there’s no such thing as a perfect home design because the roof over your head is perfectly imperfect the way it is right now. And because preferences and life milestones will demand something new from your property now and then, you’re much better off being content with the way it looks today. 

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