Thursday, June 13

To Prioritize or to Procrastinate: 3 Self-management Tips

As an adult, managing your daily life is more demanding than what the movies make it seem. There is no pop music playing when you get up in the morning, and there is certainly no quick montage detailing how you do the housework. Everything needs to be dealt with on schedule if you continue functioning even at a bare minimum. Waking up late on weekends means missing necessary appointments with your orthodontist, which should not happen. You can even find yourself being in a long weekday bank queue because you slept on weekends. You get the idea. Imagine the struggle all because you do not prioritize.

The secret to adulting is self-management. However, if it had been too easy, the term adulting would never have been given the gravity it has today. On most days, adulting makes most people want to go back to childhood when there were no bills to pay and job to deal with. However, the truth is, wishing for that to happen does not help at all.

If you can relate to this situation, here are some things that you can start practicing to make things more manageable.

Make and Follow a To-do List

Some people like making mental notes more than actual ones. For these people, it is more about preferences rather than results. However, did you know that having a visual guide is far more effective in being retained by the brain? That is because you are providing your brain an actual image to store as opposed to mental notes.

An actual to-do list provides you with an urge to follow and do all the listed things. It also gives you a sense of purpose and get-togetherness. If you have not tried it yet, go with post-it notes and neon highlighters. The more color coordination, the better. You can even get the Starbucks annual planner that will make you value your calendar of things more.

Keep Reminding Yourself

People often forget about the things they out to be doing, and that is normal. What we should do to address forgetfulness is what is essential. Whenever Friday approaches, all we can ever think of is how to relieve ourselves from the work stress, but it also leads to a disoriented Saturday morning. You will often find yourself in front of your morning coffee, just contemplating whether to go back to bed. Other times, it will take you a while to remember what you should be doing until you are faced with the giant pile of clothes you need to wash.

However, if you allow yourself to ease into the weekend chores with small reminders, you won’t have to fight your mind because these small reminders slowly instill the idea of you doing your tasks and chores to the brain. It can even be carried through your subconscious while sleeping, so you will wake up already with the subtle need to comply.

It is amazing how everything is connected with the human mind.

Try Not to Procrastinate

Procrastination is a debatable habit. Some people work well with it, but some succumb to the practice. To artistic people, procrastinating is waiting for their muse and finding the best time to move. However, procrastinating does nobody good, especially when you are an adult.

Understandably, you get exhausted, and sometimes you do not feel like taking out the trash. However, would you rather wait for your trash to smell before taking it out? Would you rather wait until your clothes catch molds before washing them? Lastly, would you wait until your teeth decay before seeing a dentist? No.

See, people who like to procrastinate do not like the stress that comes with the task. However, the stress they will get from avoidance will only be graver than the stress they do not want to experience in the first place. That is why adult procrastinators are questionable, especially when it is about adulting tasks and house chores. Because the amount of energy someone will use to do things right off the bat is far lesser than the amount of energy spent on avoidance and denial, it might feel good at first. However, that is not the same. Doing your laundry is not the same as covering the pile of clothes with your bed sheet.

Adulting is hard, but it does not have to be with proper self-management and prioritization. It is up to you how you will handle things. Will you let it get the best of you? Or will you do something about it now?