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Day: November 15, 2021

Pandemic-Safe Activities You Can Do with Your Family and Friends This Fall

Pandemic-Safe Activities You Can Do with Your Family and Friends This Fall

We’ve already entered the last quarter of the year, and we all know what this means. The holidays are fast approaching. Despite being in a pandemic, we can still make plans to make this season enjoyable (for the second consecutive year).  Of course, you need to prioritize preparing your home for the cold weather first to ensure you and your loved ones are comfortable and secure. This means scheduling furnace tune-up services, decluttering, working on home repairs and updates, and preparing all the necessary fall maintenance and cleaning tools for your home.  But this season isn’t just about uninteresting work doing home repairs and upgrades. Fall was a fun season before COVID-19 and it can still be a fun season even with the health crisis looming over our heads.  9 Fun Fall Activities...
Why Your Dog Plays Rough and How to Deal with It

Why Your Dog Plays Rough and How to Deal with It

Within two to three months, puppies’ teeth are still developing, so to explore the world and play, they bite. This is also called mouthing. Intentions of being violent may be rare, but sometimes, they can dig in their 28 teeth like needles.  Some owners tolerate this rough playing behavior, especially when their dogs just bite mildly. But there are other puppies, depending on the breed, that can really hurt. In this case, it’s understandable for owners to strive to put a stop to their puppies’ harmful play behavior.  Why Do Puppies Play Roughly? Playing roughly or what is called roughhousing has always been a huge part of being a dog. They bite, nip, swipe, jump, or bark, which may be done in a friendly manner but can easily go overboard. It's their way to interact with people...

5 Relaxation Tips for People Who Have a Desk Job

When you work at a desk job all day, you're probably sick of staring at your computer screen only to come home and do some more sitting down and staring at screens. Maybe you're tired of just coming home and doing nothing but sitting in front of your TV or computer and just being reminded of work and spending the rest of your night worrying about it. If you're looking for other effective ways you can relax, especially if you work at a desk job and want nothing more than to find relaxation methods that won't remind you of being at your desk, here are some ways you can relax at home that doesn't involve staring at screens and being glued to your desk: When you clock out of work, make sure that you're really clocked out of work That sentence might not make sense now but bear with...