Thursday, June 13

Day: October 13, 2021

How You Can Future-Proof Yourself

With how things are today, we’re all very worried about how the future may end up being. The economy is fluctuating, the job market isn’t steady, and many people are concerned about their next meal. The pandemic really did a number on everyone’s lives, and many are planning their next move in life- be it to recover what they lost or start anew. If society has learned anything, it’s that we always have to prepare for the future. Especially us, as we’re very prone to the volatile changes in society. To help you future-proof yourself, below are some practical steps you can try out. Be Tech Literate Every year, we become more reliant on technology for our everyday needs. Most companies normally have a certain degree of computer knowledge, and going through life without understandi...

Ready, Set, Retire! Preparing and Enjoying Your Retirement Years

The average age of retirement across the United States ranges from anywhere between 61 and 66. The actual age differs per state, obviously due to several factors. Instead of viewing retirement as the end of things, one can take the more pleasant road and take retirement as the golden opportunity to enjoy the fruits of a life’s worth of toil. The so-coined FIRE movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early) is growing in popularity. Its popularity might speak to most, if not everyone’s, dream to finally enjoy “the easy life.” Of course, though, to truly enjoy a comfortable retirement takes more than just dreams—it requires actual preparation. How Much Savings Do You Need for Your Retirement? On average, a good nest egg for retirement ranges between $700,000 and $1 million in t...