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Day: December 31, 2021

Practical Tips to Fight Addiction to Anything

Practical Tips to Fight Addiction to Anything

  Psychiatrist Anna Lembke, the author of the seminal book Dopamine Nation, said that everything we need and want becoming readily available is making us crave more. Human beings are generally wired to avoid pain and approach pleasure, and because everything we need and want is literally right at our fingertips, we always end up consuming so much more than we need. Whether it's food, entertainment, or even porn, we live in a system that makes it easy for us to become addicted or hooked, not just on bad things, but even good and necessary ones. But like everything else, too much of anything can be unhealthy for us, which is why we need to get back to the art of moderation and learn how to let go of things before they consume us. Here are some practical tips to fight addict...

Your Legacy Shouldn’t Be Greenhouse Gases

With all the clamor for governments to address climate change, everyone should be concerned about the state the world is in. Going green and actively choosing eco-friendly practices and products should not only be a matter of lifestyle choice. However, this is the big problem. Most of the time, green alternatives or a sustainable lifestyle are expensive. Unless world leaders enact global policies that make green options affordable to everybody, the world will not see that much of a change. Right now, all you can do is keep calling for change and action from people in power. While you do that, if you are capable, you can do things as a concerned individual.  What Is the Carbon Footprint? Carbon footprint refers to the greenhouse gases that certain activities leave. It can refer...