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Day: December 29, 2021

5 Secrets to Looking Fabulous During the Holidays

If you're like many people this holiday season, you simply can't wait for the celebrations and festivities to start. In fact, you're looking forward to a lot of things this season. Finally, you can see friends and family in person. You can munch on plenty of your favorite holiday food with your loved ones. The air is filled with coziness, happiness, and love. However, for people who love to dress up for any occasion, this is again an opportunity to show their style. If celebrating in style is not your thing, you can try it out this year. If there's one thing that the pandemic has taught everyone, it's that life can be short, so you might as well try everything today. Whether you like to dress up or not, you'd still want to arrive at the festivities looking good. Let this article ...

Front Yard Veggie Garden: A Complete Guide

Decking up the front lawn enhances your home's outer appearance. We say, "First lawn impression is the last impression." The green lawns, undoubtedly, are a treat to the eyes. But how overly exciting it is to have a vegetable bed raised in that lawn? Or, what if you already have boarded the veggie train of thoughts about lawn care and still need a push? If you think on the same lines, read on. Factors to Consider Here are some green flags to have before you decide to amp up your green veggie bed: The HOA checks: Most of the HOA bylaws approve of the vegetable gardens but make sure you double-check with them. Having a green pass from the HOA would ease the job. Dig checks: While setting up in-ground planting for the first time, examine if there aren't any underground gas p...