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Day: December 11, 2021

I’m Moving Abroad! What Do I Do With My Car?

Moving to a new neighborhood, town, or state offers a lot of logistical challenges. But when you’re planning to join the millions of other Americans living abroad, everything becomes a bit more complicated. One of the big challenges of moving abroad is deciding what to do with your car. While you might like to take it with you, figuring out how to ship a car internationally can be a daunting task. Fortunately, it’s not your only choice, but you need to understand what it takes to transport a car overseas to help you make a choice. Let’s take a look at the three options you have for your vehicle. Sell It If your move is permanent or you’ll be gone for more than a year, selling your current car and buying one when you arrive in your new home might be a good option. Depending on the t...