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Day: December 16, 2021

4 Cozy Five Star Hotel in Lombok Indonesia

Source: freepik Lombok is one of the tourist destinations that provide the perfect complete package for tourists. Lombok's natural charm makes this island of a thousand mosques dubbed "paradise on earth.” In addition to visiting various natural tourist destinations, you can try various culinary specialties of Lombok and visit cultural tourism such as traditional villages. Before leaving for a vacation to Lombok, you should also think about a list of accommodations such as lodging and transportation. But you don't need to worry because there are many hotels with complete facilities available in Lombok. If you are still confused, just choose some of the hotel recommendations below. Pool Villa Club Lombok Pool Villa Club Lombok provides 16 rooms with a private pool and be...

9 Raja Ampat Travel Destinations that are Fun to Visit

Source: For divers and fans of snorkelling activities, Raja Ampat is a paradise. The extraordinary natural beauty of Raja Ampat, even throughout the world recognises it. It is not wrong if many people want to be a direct witness of the beauty, even though transportation access to be able to enjoy tourist destinations in Raja Ampat is still very limited, and the price is quite draining the bag. However, if you are one of the travellers who rounded up, tighten the belt and are ready to spend savings to enjoy the charm of Raja Ampat, you must know that it is not a special underwater. Not a few interesting tourist destinations on the surface you must visit. Are you interested in seeing and exploring a tourist destination in the charming Raja Ampat? Just look a...