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Day: December 10, 2021

Why You Cannot Get Rid of Sentimental Items

Hoarding is not a problem born out of greed. People tend to keep stuff that they no longer use for several possible reasons, and one of them is sentiment. The sentiment is a huge factor when people decide if they should keep an item in their possession, or finally pass it on to someone who would use it. Everyone has something at home that they still have from an important moment of their lives, even if it happened a long time ago. Maybe it is their wedding dress, a favorite toy from when they were a child, papers they wrote in university, or baby clothes of their now-grown offspring. These things are hard to let go of. There is nothing wrong with keeping sentimental stuff. Even tidying and organizing guru Marie Kondo is not opposed to holding on to possessions that are not necess...

Biophilic Design: Applying the Concept to Your Home

The premise of biophilic design is that we are at our healthiest and most peaceful when we are surrounded by nature. If we are to apply this trend to our homes, then it's all about opening up our walls so that our homes become drenched in sunlight and greenery. If you love the idea of connecting your home to nature, a biophilic design might be for you. Here are some tips for achieving this well-loved 2021 interior design trend. Open it up Biophilic design is greatly dependent on your home's natural architecture. In the process of choosing or purchasing a house, opt for one that has massive windows—the bigger, the better. If there are skylights, that's a good option, too. Floor-to-ceiling windows are one of the first features you need to look for in a home, especially if the pr...

Prepare Your Home for the Monsoon Season With These Maintenance Tips

The monsoon rains give much-needed relief from the sweltering heat while also ushering in lush greenery. However, if you are not adequately prepared for the wet weather, this season can be a nightmare for your home. The rainy season is when your property and its contents require special attention. Failure to protect your home against the rain can result in damage or loss that is expensive or difficult to repair. Moisture or mold can be dangerous to your health and that of your family. If you prepare your home for the rainy season, you can avoid condensation or infiltrating rainfall in the wall or building structure.  You must exercise extreme caution prior to the arrival of the monsoon to ensure that prolonged periods of heavy rain do not damage your home. Here are some helpfu...